Knowledge Base

  1. Sample help section (delete me) 

    1. Sample question (delete me)
  2. Getting Started Videos 

    1. Navigating Your UserVoice site (VIDEO)
    2. Setting up your UserVoice site (VIDEO)
    3. Setup a custom email address (VIDEO)
    4. Setup your Knowledge Base (VIDEO)
  3. Managing my Account 

    1. Change plans
    2. The difference between an agent, admin and owner
    3. Restrict Admin Access with Admin Permissions
    4. Transfer ownership of your UserVoice account
    5. Delete your account
  4. Site Settings 

    1. Setting up your UserVoice Site
    2. Set up Domain Aliasing
    3. Set the landing page of your UserVoice site
    4. Make your site (and Knowledge Base) private
    5. Add a link to your website
  5. Design 

    1. Customize the look of your UserVoice Site
    2. Advanced CSS custom design with <body> classes
    3. How do I customize my favicon?
  6. Sign In 

    1. I can't log into my admin console
    2. Sign into the Admin Console
  7. Managing User Profiles 

    1. Block a user on your Forum
    2. Delete your user profile
    3. Change your password
  8. Notifications 

    1. Get notified of new tickets, comments or ideas
    2. How do users change their notification settings?
  9. Widget 

    1. Setup the UserVoice Widget
    2. UserVoice Widgets (and how they work)
    3. Installing the Widget on your Wordpress site
    4. Embedded (inline) Widget
    5. Use a link (custom trigger) to open the UserVoice Widget
  10. Ticketing System 

    1. Set up custom email addresses for tickets with email forwarding
    2. Modify your DNS records to ensure ticket emails reach customers
    3. Edit or update an auto reply
    4. Answering tickets via email
    5. HTML editor for tickets
  11. Organize and Manage Tickets 

    1. Organize tickets and create new queues (folders)
    2. Tag and find tickets quickly
    3. Save your ticket searches
    4. Search for and sort through tickets
    5. Where's the pending status for tickets?
  12. Rules and Custom Fields 

    1. Create and use custom fields
    2. Create rules for incoming tickets
    3. Assign tickets based on which email they are sent to
    4. Set tickets to be unassigned by default
    5. Prevent bounce notifications and out-of-office auto-replies from cluttering my Helpdesk?
  13. Forum Settings 

    1. Setting up a Forum
    2. Administer and manage ideas in a Forum
    3. How to add a new forum
    4. Add ideas in the Admin Console
    5. Commenting on ideas and how users are notified
  14. Voting 

    1. How voting works
    2. Change vote limits
    3. How do my users get their votes back?
    4. What happens when a user runs out of votes?
    5. Can I set a different number of votes per user?
  15. Knowledge Base 

    1. Create, organize and edit Topics for Helpdesk articles
    2. Position articles within a Helpdesk Topic
    3. Embed videos, images and media in Knowledge Base articles
    4. Edit and format Knowledge Base articles
    5. Searching articles in the Admin Console
  16. Language Settings & Translations 

    1. Multi-language options for your UserVoice site
    2. Change the language of your Feedback Site
    3. Change the language of the Admin Console
    4. Change the language of the Widget UI based on the user
    5. Change the language of a Forum
  17. Single Sign On (SSO) 

    1. Single Sign On (SSO) and how it works
    2. Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)
    3. How admins log in with SSO
    4. My admins can't log in via SSO!
    5. How do I set up SAML?
  18. Import/Export 

    1. Import articles
    2. Import Ideas
    3. What data can I export and how?
    4. Export Knowledge Base Articles
    5. How to Import your content from GetSatisfaction, ZenDesk, Tender,, Assistly, Gmail, or an IMAP server
  19. Analytics 

    1. Ticket Insights Report (and what it tells you)
    2. User Satisfaction Report
    3. User Feedback Report (BETA)
    4. User Insights Report (beta)
    5. Ticket Backlog Report
  20. Billing 

    1. Change (update) your Credit Card information
    2. Enter a discount or coupon
  21. Pricing 

    1. Discount for annual billing
  22. Mobile SDKs 

    1. How does the iOS (iPhone/iPad) SDK work?
    2. How does the Android SDK work?
    3. Customize the iOS SDK
    4. Customize the Android SDK
    5. Reporting mobile SDK (Android/iOS) bug
  23. Facebook App 

    1. Install the UserVoice Facebook App on your Facebook Page
    2. Can I add the UserVoice Facebook app to my personal page or my app page?
  24. Integrations 

    1. UserVoice Salesforce Integration
    2. Salesforce Integration: Turn new users into leads
    3. Marketo Integration
    4. Integrate with Crittercism
    5. Does UserVoice integrate with JIRA?
  25. Gadgets (Inspector) 

    1. Inspector sidebar and gadgets
    2. Create your own custom gadget for Inspector
    3. Make a SugarCRM gadget to use with Inspector
    4. Make a Twitter gadget to use with Inspector
  26. All articles 

    1. Add a canned response
    2. Add a link to your website
    3. Add an admin to your account
    4. Add contacts (Cc or Bcc) to a ticket
    5. Add ideas in the Admin Console

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