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Language Settings for your Account

Our language settings and functionality make it easy for end users to give feedback, no matter their language, and equip you as a Product Manager to set languages programmatically. We will walk you through your different options.

What UserVoice Translates

Please see our translation portal to get a full list of supported languages at
  • Our language settings translate standard UI text. Any custom text you create like welcome message, categories and forum names, we are not able to translate. We do recommend setting up forums for different languages. 
  • If you identify a missing or incorrect translation, please submit corrected translations on These are reviewed and published by our admin team. 

Default Behavior

  • If the user has set a locale in their UserVoice profile, we will honor that setting. They will have to be logged in for us to use and honor their locale preference.
  • If the user does not have a locale set in their profile, we will detect and honor the user's browser locale when displaying the web portal or widget. If their browser has multiple languages listed we pick the first locale in the list and use it. 
  • If the browser does not have a locale set, nor the user's profile, we will default to the forum and then the site's language setting. 

Setting the Language for Users

In the widget and web portal, you do have the option to set the locale for the user's experience. This will be honored unless the user is logged in and their profile has a different locale set.
  • Web Portal: Set the language in the URL with lang=es: We will honor that parameter on subsequent page loads until cookies are cleared or the user sets a locale preference on their profile.  
If a user clicks the URL that sets the language, but their user profile has a different language set, they will be prompted to choose which language they want to use.
Our system uses locales in a lower-case ISO 3166 format.

Setting the Site and Forum Languages

  • Site Language: Go to Settings -> General Settings -> Scroll down and click "Language and Time Zone." Site language is used when the user doesn't have a profile or browser language set, and the forum doesn't have a set language.
  • Forum Language: Go to Settings -> Feedback Forums -> Click "Forums" -> Click "edit" on the Forum you want to change the language on. Forum language is used within that forum if the user does not have a locale set on their profile or in their browser. 

Common Questions

Q: I'm not seeing the language parameter translate as expected?
A: Make sure you are using a supported language and all phrases have been translated (see our portal here). Then if you or the user is already signed in, verify your profile doesn't have a different locale set. 

Q: Can I change the language of the admin console?

Q: I set my site language in settings, but don't see it reflected on the front end?
A: Check the locale you have set in your UserVoice profile and browser. They will be given precedence over your site language settings. 

Q: Can UserVoice auto-translate user's content?
A: We have an idea about adding this functionality here. Please, add your support and then you will be subscribed to updates from our product team on the feature request.

Q: Do you support RTL languages 
A: We do not support RTL languages at this time.

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