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Measure the Impact of Ideas with the Analysis Export

You have ideas, and users supporting them in UserVoice. Now your Product Team needs to use this data to build your roadmap.

How do you get your data out of your UserVoice account, and use it to make data-driven decisions?

Export Ideas and Supporters

  • Click the Ideas icon in the left-hand menu -> Click "All Open Suggestions" at the top of the page.
  • Set the filters for which set of ideas you want to export. You can filter ideas by forum, category, status, label and customer activity.

  • Click the export button, and choose "Export Current Dataset"
  • Choose the option for the "Analysis Export"
How the Analysis Export Works: This will export the ideas along with their supporters and any data we have about those supporters.

You have two date range options:
  • All Time: will export the suggestions that match the filters along with supporters for all time.
  • Custom Date Range: will export the suggestions that match your filters, along with all supporters that were added to the idea during the date range you set.
For example, if you have an idea that received 90 supporters in 2015, but only 5 supporters in 2016, and you export the date range, 1-1-16 through 12-31-16, it will only include the 5 people who supported the idea in 2016.

4 Ways to Use the Analysis Export

1. Determine which Ideas are Relevant Now

  • Challenge: If you are collecting feedback over time on specific ideas, it can be hard to know which ones are relevant to your customer base now.
  • Solution: When you export ideas and supporters, and then set the date picker for the time period you want to measure. For example, if you want to see which ideas were active in the last three months, set it to the last 90 days. 
You now have a list of all ideas that have had supporters in the last 90 days.

Pro Tip: Before exporting, filter ideas by a specific category, or label to narrow down the Product Area you're evaluating.

2. See How Many Accounts Want an Idea

You must be using our Identify feature to pass Account Traits to use this part of the export. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Challenge: While the number of individual supporters is helpful, you need a bigger overview—How many accounts have requested this feature? Is it one account with 100 users, or is it 75 different accounts that need it?
  • Solution: When you export Ideas and Supporters, users' Account Traits (like account name and ID) are included in the export. So you can use tools like Power BI, Google Sheets or Excel to determine how many and which accounts want the feature.

3. Rank Ideas by a Particular Market Segment

  • Challenge: All support isn't created equal. You may need to segment supporters by free vs. paid, user type, NPS or even location.
You can also pass through custom data on your users, and even connect them to accounts. Learn more about our user and accounts feature here

4. Segment Supporters on an Idea

  • Challenge: When evaluating supporters for a single idea, you may need to only email supporters who are on a particular account or a specific user type.
  • Solution: If you are using our User and Account Trait feature, filter supporters on an idea by account, type, MRR etc... This can help you build an email list if you only want to contact Owners who support a particular idea, or message all the supporters on a specific account that want an idea. 
You can also pass through custom data on your users, and even connect them to accounts. Learn more about our user and accounts feature here

Those just a few ideas for how to use our Analysis Export to make data-driven decisions. 

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • When building reports, do count supporters by user ID. If a user is connected to multiple accounts, they will get a record for each account they are connected to in the export. User ID will let you count unique supporters. 
  • When a user is connected to multiple accounts, we don't know which account they were representing when adding support to the idea. As a result, all accounts will be listed as supporters on the idea. 
Want to use the Analysis Export with Google Sheets? We recommend this article to get started

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