Use the Analysis Export in Google Sheets

With our Analysis Export (learn more about this feature here), you are able to export ideas, supporters and the user and account traits for those supporters.

You can use the export to build your own report in Google Sheets. In this article, we will help you get started by walking you through the basics of getting a report set up in Google Sheets.

However, make sure you have someone on your team familiar with Google Sheets or Excel to help you adapt this to your organization's specific needs. 

1. Export your Data

  • Click the Ideas icon in the left-hand menu
  • Click "All Open Suggestions" at the top of the page.
  • Set the filters for which set of ideas you want to export. You can filter ideas by forum, category, status, label and customer activity.
  • Choose the option for the "Suggestions and Supporters Export" and "Export."
Make sure to limit the number of rows to be less than 5000, which should ensure a smooth experience on Google Sheets. You can do that by limiting the time frame of the export or the ideas included.

You will receive the export file via email. It will come from If you don't see it within 15 minutes, be sure to check any spam or email filters that could have caught the email.

2. Copy our Google Sheets Template

Make a copy of our read-only Google Sheets Template (You will need to be signed into Google Drive to copy the template)

3. Add your Exported Data

  • Open your copied Google Sheets Template
  • Open the tab labeled "Raw Data" 
  • Click ""File" at the top -> Import
  • Select "Upload"
  • Select the CVS file you exported earlier
  • Choose "Replace current sheet" and "Comma" before hitting import

4. Use the Tabs and Formulas in the Template to Analyze your Ideas

To help you get started building your report, we've built an Idea and NPS tab into the export.
  • Ideas: This tab will show the ideas, and count of unique users and their accounts that have requested the idea. 
  • NPS Groups: If you're using our NPS Widget, this tab will show you that of the supporters of the ideas, how many are Promoters, Detractors and Passives. 

TIP: To further refine your report, we recommend using the... 

  • "Filter" option on the right to refine your results

  • Order and Sort options 

Common Questions:

Q. I'm having trouble building the formulas I need:
A. You will need a resource on your end to help you build out the report to meet your organization's specific needs.  Our support team is not able to help with building or setting up reports. 

Q. Why don't I have Accounts listed in my export: 
A. For this sheet to work, you will need to be passing in Account Traits. You can learn more about passing account traits here. 

Q. Are there more ways I can use this export? 
A. Absolutely! We recommend checking out our main article that walks through other ways to use this feature.

Q. Why don't I see NPS for my users? 
A. You will need to use our Net Promoter Score Widget to capture user's NPS. This article walks through this widget, and how it works. 

Q. Can I use this export with other tools? 
A. Yes, you can. It can be used with tools like Excel, Power BI, and many others. 

Q. A single supporter is counted multiple times:  
A. If a user is connected to multiple accounts, they will get a record for each account they are connected to in the export. Make sure to sort by user ID to count unique supporters. 

Q. Why do all of a user's accounts show as supporting the idea? 
A. When a user is connected to multiple accounts, we don't have a way to track which account they were representing when supporting the idea. We will count each account connected to that supporter for that idea.

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