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Accounts Page and How to Use It

When analyzing customer feedback, it's helpful to know how many users support an idea but to get the full picture you need to know which organizations those users represent.

For example... you may have an idea on your forum with 100 supporters, but they're all from the same organization. Another idea may only have 75 supporters but they represent 20 different organizations. 

With UserVoice, you can create External Accounts, and connect users to those accounts. This will give you data in two key areas:
  1. How many accounts support an idea (not just users)
  2. See all suggestions supported and feedback submitted by users on a particular account

Creating Accounts & Connecting Users

You will need to pass in your accounts (called external accounts in UserVoice), along with the users connected to those accounts. You can also pass in standard and custom data fields on accounts to add more context.

There are three different ways to get this data into UserVoice. You may need a developer to help you get started.
  • CSV Import - This option allows you to import user and account data from a spreadsheet. 
  • API—this is an ideal option, and allows you to keep your external accounts and users updated against your own database.
  • Widget JS—With this option, you can pass through the user and external account via our widget js. Using this method, the users and accounts will appear in the UserVoice admin console once the user provides their first piece of feedback.

  • Automatically generated by Email domain - External accounts will be automatically generated and populate the Accounts grid in UserVoice as external users emails are added to UserVoice. This will happen for accounts without any Account data, but you can reach out to if you want to enable this feature.
For getting started, we recommend this guide, which gets into the technical details for External Accounts and Users. 

Using Accounts in UserVoice

Once you have your data in, now what do you do, and how do you use this data effectively?

Accounts Page

Click the "user" icon in the left-hand menu -> Click the "Accounts" tab at the top of the page. You will now see a list of all your accounts, which you can search and sort through.

If you click into an account, you will be able to see...
  • Activity for all users on that account
  • List of supported suggestions and feedback
  • List of users on that account

This gives your Product Managers and other internal teams a quick overview of an account, the types of features they are looking for, and activity of the users.

Accounts on an Idea

When viewing an idea, you can now see the number of accounts that want the idea, and who those accounts are.

Click the Ideas icon (lightbulb) in the left menu -> Click "All suggestions" -> Search for the idea you want -> Click the "Accounts" tab.

Analyzing your Ideas by Account

With our Analysis Export, you can export ideas, along with the accounts and users supporting those ideas.

You are then able to build reports around the number of accounts supporting an idea, and do more in-depth analysis in BI tools as well as Google Sheets. To learn more check out our article that walks you through the basics of the Analysis Export.

Common Questions:

Q: Can I pass through data on accounts like revenue, user type or product version?
A: Yes, you can. This article walks through the basics of passing standard and custom fields on accounts.

Q: Can I unlink a user from an account?
A: This has to be done via the API by deleting the external_user or passing null for the external_account ID on that user's profile. 

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