Zendesk Integration for the Contributor Sidebar

With the Contributor Sidebar, support agents, sales reps, and other internal teams can capture feedback on behalf of end users regardless of which tool they are in (learn more here).

But if your support team is in Zendesk, we have a Zendesk app, they can use to capture feedback on behalf of users. We'll walk you through how to set it up. 

[Note: You can view the app in Zendesk's marketplace here.]

1. Requirements

  • You will need to purchase a license for each agent who will be using the app. On our current plans and product, we recommend Contributor Licenses.

2. Installing the App

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Marketplace -> Search for and click the "UserVoice" app
  • Enter your subdomain key:  The subdomain is the part that comes before “.uservoice.com” when you access your UserVoice admin console. For example https://**subdomain**.uservoice.com/admin. Make sure you only enter the subdomain (if you enter the full URL, it will give an error when trying to use the app). NOTE: if you are using a custom domain, use this instead of the UserVoice subdomain.
  • Set a display name that makes sense for your Support Team
  • Choose if you want to restrict access to the app by user role
Note - if you have more than one subdomain, you can install this app multiple times, once for each subdomain.

3. How Agents Capture Feedback from Users

  • Click the Apps button
  • Sign in with your UserVoice credentials (you will need to be a licensed user on the account).
  • Click "Capture Customer Feedback."
  • Copy and paste the user's words into the "Feedback" section, which will only be visible to other admins in UserVoice.
  • Search for an existing idea or create a new one to link the user's feedback to. If this suggestion gets a status update, you'll receive a notification so you can follow up with the customer. To learn how to manage your notification preferences, check out this article.
  • Save and you're done!

Quick FAQs:

  • The UserVoice app is only available on the Tickets page in Zendesk.
  • If you are creating a ticket for a user, you will need to create the ticket before capturing their feedback in the app.
  • Unlike our default Contributor Sidebar, the Zendesk app doesn't currently let you highlight text, and have it auto-fill the feedback field in the app. So you will need to copy and paste it in.
  • If you want to subscribe the user, check the "Subscribe customer to idea updates" box. It is not checked by default.
  • The app will always use the ticket contacts email address, and it's not possible to edit it at this time. 

  • If you add a custom domain, remove a custom domain or change your custom domain you will need to update the UserVoice integration in Zendesk to use the latest custom domain for your UserVoice account.
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