Contributor Sidebar Troubleshooting

Running into issues with the Contributor Sidebar? Please follow this guide to help our support team troubleshoot and resolve any issues. Please refer to known issues below to see if you are encountering one of those.

Step 1: Clear cookies and cache from your current web browser, and restart.

Step 2: Use Google Chrome, incognito mode. Instructions.

Incognito mode doesn’t use browser extensions or plugins, which can interfere with the functionality of UserVoice.

Step 3: Try a different wifi/internet connection

Restrictive firewalls or network connections can cause issues, and using a different connection (Ideally a private one, such as your home network) will help to isolate this.

If steps 1-3 don’t change anything please write to us with the following information...

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system and version
  • Screenshots of the browser developer console before signing in
Right-click the sidebar, and choose “Inspect element”

Click “sign-in” and take a screenshot of the console

Chrome: console and preserve log
IE: console and preserve log
Firefox: console and preserve log
  • In addition to the above, if clicking “sign-in” pops up a new window
In the pop-up window, right click and choose “Inspect element”
Navigate to “Console” and make sure you preserve the log.

Take a screenshot of the console after you sign-in

Notes and Known issues

  • If you are using JSON SSO on your UserVoice account, passing "admin:deny" will remove a user's Contributor permissions.
  • Some sites, such as Github, Twitter, and Intercom do not allow custom javascript to be inserted. To work around this, you should open the sidebar in a different tab. Please support the suggestion for a browser extension for the sidebar, which would resolve this issue.
  • The sidebar does not work in IE compatibility mode.

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