Unable to sign in as an Admin

When trying to sign in to the UserVoice admin console, you may have encountered this error: 

"The email address you entered is either incorrect or does not have the necessary permissions. See our troubleshooting guide here."

Here are common reasons for this:

Entering the wrong email address

  • Make sure you are signing in with the email address that the admin invitation email was sent to.
  • Double check you are typing the email address correctly.

You aren't a user who has access to the admin console

  • Only account owners and admins can access the admin console.
  • These are individuals who manage billing, respond to feedback or support tickets, and update knowledge base articles.
  • If you think you should be an admin, you can contact the account owner who can grant you the correct permissions.
An account owner can also check to see if you have the correct permissions in the UserVoice admin console, by doing the following:
  1. In the admin console, click the icon in the bottom left-hand corner to access your settings. 
  2. Choose "General"
  3. Scroll down and click "Users and Permissions"
  4. "Contributors" wont have access to the admin console, and you can see outstanding invites under "Invited."

Common Questions:

Q: Why does the password field disappear? 
A: If the password field disappears, that means the profile for that email address does not have a password set up. This usually happens when you enter a wrong email address, or your email address has not been invited as an admin on the account.

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