Undo a Merge

You've merged some suggestions (link with more information), but need to undo. Here is what you need to know.

1. Undoing a bulk merge (right after the fact)

It is possible to undo a set of ideas you have bulk merged, but only right after you have done the merge.

Once you have bulk merged a set of ideas, you will see this banner at the top of the admin console:

Clicking "Undo" will undo the merge you just completed. This banner will disappear once you have reloaded the page or navigated to a different URL.

You will see this banner to indicate that the unmerge has been successful:

2. Unmerge individual idea merges

It is also possible to unmerge an idea that has been merged into another idea.

To do this, in the idea grid filter for "merged" ideas.

From here, click on the child idea. (the one merged into the other idea). Once you have clicked into this idea, you will see an option to unmerge.

Why can't I unmerge this idea?

It was merged prior to our to our new merge backend, which launched 3/10/17, so we can't undo this merge.

The idea is part of multiple merges, and you will need to do undo each of those.

Can I undo a bulk merge after the fact? It isn't possible to undo a bulk merge after you have refreshed or navigated from the page with the "Undo" dialogue. However, you can still undo individual merges (even if they were a part of the original bulk merge).

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