User avatars

User avatars appear next to user comments and suggestions on the web portal and in the admin console. These avatar pictures come from the following:
  • Gravatar (default). We will provide the image from Gravatar by default if the user has that setup with their email address.
  • Passed with SSO in the avatar_url field. If you use SSO, an image URL can be passed for a user to be used for their avatar icon. 
  • Facebook. If the user doesn't have Gravatar, and signs in with Facebook authentication we will use their Facebook image.
If there is no avatar available from the above methods, we will display an empty silhouette for the user's icon.

Common Questions

Q. Can users upload custom avatars?
A. We are only able to offer avatars through the above methods at this time.  To remove or change your Gravatar, you will need to login directly to the Gravatar service: Want to see us add additional features—vote for our idea on this here.

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