Search not working as expected

You're trying to search for an idea or article, and it's not working as you expected. We'll walk you through how our search feature works.

Words our Tool Won't Search

Stop Words: 
If you're searching for specific words and no results are returned, they are probably "stop words". Stop words are common words we don't search since they are not very descriptive and can result in irrelevant results being returned. (Note: Back end idea search for admins does not use stop words).

Check out a list of the most common stop words in our tool:
One or Two Letter Words: A word must have at least three characters in order for our tool to search it. 

How Search Works on the Front End

When searching ideas and articles, the search function will search the title and description for any of the words you've entered. 

It will return ideas and articles in relevance based on the number of times each of the words appears, giving more weight to words in the title.

For example, if you search "add more search options," it will return an idea or article that has "search" OR "option" in it, giving more weight to ones with those words in the title.

Common Questions

Q: Can I customize these search options?
A: There is not a way to customize either of these features currently, but if you would like to see us add this functionality, please, share it as an idea on our forum for the Product Team.

Q: Does it search comments on ideas?
A: It does not search comments at this time. Create an idea for this here.

Q: Can I use search operators like quotes?
A: No, not at this time, but if you would like to see this feature, please share your thoughts on our idea for this.

Q: Can I search admin notes on ideas?
A: Not at this time. Vote for our idea here

Q: How do I search articles on the backend?
A: Learn more about your article search options here.

Q: What about searching tickets?
A: Learn more about your ticket search options here.

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