Reset your password

To reset your password, navigate to the UserVoice site (

Look for the "sign-in" link, which is typically in the upper right. Click it, and enter your email address.

Once you have entered an email address, you can click the "Forgot password?" link:

You will receive an email from noreply@[yoursubdomain] with instructions to reset your password. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam and junk folder.

Q: Can I reset a password for a user?

It is not possible to reset a users password on their behalf. Access to the email address is require to reset the password.

Q: I'm trying to reset my password, but the password field keeps disappearing?
A: If the password field disappears, this means the email address you are using to sign in does not have a password. This usually happens when logging in with the wrong email address. We recommend this guide for troubleshooting.

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