Change my payment method

We have a $199/month minimum rate to qualify for invoice billing (wire transfer, purchase order, ACH). If you meet this requirement and you would like to pay for your account via annual invoice, please let us know. You can reach us at 

If you do not meet this requirement, credit card billing is the only payment method available. 

Common Questions

Q. Can you resend me a copy of my invoice? 
A. No, not at this time. However, invoices are sent to the account owner at the time of billing, and the account owner can view past invoices in Settings.

To Access Settings:

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click Genera"l"
  • Click "Account, billing and usage""

[If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]

Q. Can I change my billing date? 
A. Unfortunately, we are not able to adjust billing dates. 

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