Cancel your account

If you need to delete your UserVoice account, you can do so from the admin console. When you delete your account all of your data will be erased, your UserVoice site will be removed, and you will no longer be billed.

Invoice Customers: If you pay via invoice, you will need to reach out to your Account Manager to cancel or delete your account.

How to Delete your Account:

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click “General"
  • Click “Account, billing, and usage"
  • Scroll down and click “Delete account". If you’d like to delete your account (which will get rid of all your data and forums), click this.

*If you have exported any data, make sure to save the export files to your computer before deleting your account. Once the account has been deleted the links will no longer be valid.  

Common Questions

Q. Can I schedule a cancellation ahead of time?
A. We are not able to cancel a renewal in advance. When your account is canceled, it will be deleted from our system immediately.

Q. Can my account be deactivated?
A. We are not able to disable or deactivate an account temporarily. 

Q. Can I downgrade to a free plan?
A. We do not have a free plan available. 

Q. Where can I find my renewal date? 

A. Go to Settings -> General -> Account, billing, and usage. Scroll down and you will see your renewal date listed in the "Payment Method" section. 

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