Understanding your SmartVote Poll Results

We will walk you through the basics of how to view and understand your SmartVote Poll Results.

Looking for a guide on setting up the SmartVote widget—see our resource here.

How does SmartVote work?

SmartVote polls use the Glicko rating system to look for clear winners in a set of suggestions. You can read more about the Glicko rating system here if you're curious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glicko_rating

If a user has gone through all of the polls for that forum, the widget will default to "Post an Idea." What determines what ideas show up in the SmartVote widget? Only ideas in your active polls will appear. Learn how to create a poll and launch SmartVote to users here

Polls are specific to forums, and you can run multiple polls at once. If you are running more than one poll on a forum, it will cycle through the ideas from different polls when a user uses SmartVote. So it may test ideas from 3 different polls, but the ideas will only be tested against ideas within the same poll.

Where do I view my SmartVote Poll Results?

Click the idea icon (lightbulb) on the left -> Click the forum name -> Click the SmartVote polls tab -> Click the poll you want to see results for.

A poll has Three Statuses:
  • Active: This means the ideas are still being tested, and we don't yet have conclusive results
  • Completed: Means we've tested each of the ideas enough that we are confident with the ranking of the ideas. We will email the poll creator when the poll is completed.
  • Paused: Means an admin has paused the poll and it is not currently being tested.
As ideas are tested, they are broken into "Tiers." It is possible for ideas to be in the same tier, which basically means they are tied for that ranking. Tiers can be subject to change while a poll is active.

When viewing the SmartVote results, we will show you the number of supporters for the idea along with the MRR value of the users who support it (this option is available if you use Account traits to pass through MRR (monthly recurring revenue) Learn more here).

How long does it take for a SmartVote poll to be finished?

SmartVote polls will keep running until a clear winner has been found, and the more polls you have running, the longer it will take to get results on each.

Polls with more suggestions will generally last longer because more comparisons will need to be made. Also, if you have more than one poll running at a time, then the polls will usually last longer.

Can I adjust the amount of time it takes for a poll to complete?

You can add new ideas at any time, and each time you add ideas, it will increase the amount of time the poll needs to run to get results.

You can remove ideas from a poll in the SmartVote poll settings, or deactivate polls to decrease the amount of time your active polls take to complete.

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