Credit card charge failed

If you're having trouble with billing on your credit card, we recommend following the steps below to resolve the issue.

My credit card charge failed

If you got an email saying the charge to your card failed, this means we tried the card you have on file in UserVoice, and your bank denied the charge (we do have a 7-day grace period for failed charges).

You will need to reach out to your bank to determine why they declined the charge. If they have questions for us, let us know.

My credit card information isn't saving

If you're entering your credit card information, and you're seeing an error, this often caused by a browser or network issue.

We recommend the following:
  • Try an incognito window in Chrome (video). This prevents cookies, cache or extensions from interfering with the app. 
  • If you're on an office network, try on a home or other network. Sometimes firewalls and network settings can block our billing system from running.

Common Questions:

Q: Where do I see, update, or add my credit card information in UserVoice?
A: Log in as the Owner of the account, and go to Settings -> General -> Account, Billing, and Usage. 

Q: Is there a grace period after a failed payment?
A: You have 7 days from the first time we tried the card before the account is deactivated.

Q: Can I pay via invoice?
A: There is a $2,388 annual minimum for invoice billing. If you meet this requirement and you would like to pay via annual invoice, contact support.  

Q: Can I change who the invoice emails are sent to?
A: Emails can only be sent to the Owner on the account. If you would like to see us add more options, support the idea on our forum.

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