Import supporters and requests

This is a guide for importing supporters and requests from a CSV file. With this import, you can add your users as supporters of existing ideas and also subscribe them to status updates. 

Downloading the Import Template

The first step for importing your data is to download the import template. The template is an empty spreadsheet with the allowed headers pre-filled. We'll walk you through where to find the template in the admin console.

1. Click the "Idea" icon (lightbulb) in the left-hand menu -> click "All Open Suggestions" -> click the cloud icon on the right side of the page -> select "Import support / requests".

2. Click the link to download the Supporter and Request Import Template.

Formatting your data

You can import up to 50,000 rows. You must use the pre-filled headers from the template and save your file as a UTF-8 encoded. We'll walk you through the headers which will be included. 

Suggestion Details
Only one of these fields is required. 
  • Only required if suggestion.title matches more than one idea on your forum. You can get the from a suggestion export, or from a suggestion's URL (
  • Suggestion.title: Must match an existing suggestion from your forum. 
Supporter Details
  • User.email_address: Email address of the user you want to add as a supporter [Required] 
  • Only used if the user's email address does not match an existing profile on your UserVoice account.
  • Link_suggestion_user.created_timestamp: The time when the user supported the idea. Format: 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z (for UTC). If left blank, this will default to the time of the import process.
  • Link_suggestion_user.is_subscribed: Enter "yes" or leave blank. If you enter "yes", then the user will be subscribed to status updates on the suggestion they support. 
A couple of things to understand about subscriptions:
  • A new request with a new supporter of the idea: "Yes" will subscribe the user. If you leave it blank the user will not be subscribed.
  • A new request with a user who already supports the idea: "Yes" will subscribe or leave their existing subscription in place. <Blank> will not subscribe them (but it won't remove an existing subscription).
  • A new supporter and no connected request: Yes or <blank> will subscribe the user. If you do not want to subscribe a user, enter No. 
Request Details
If you fill in any of the request fields, then request.body will be required. 
  • Request.body: This is the customer sentiment, usually in the customer's own words. For example, this could be the text from a tweet or from an email. This will only be visible to your admins in UserVoice.
  • Request.captured_by_user.email_address: The user (at your company) who captured the customer’s request. Will default to the importer if not specified.
  • Only used if the email address of the person capturing the request does not have a profile on your UserVoice account. Saved as <blank> if not specified.
  • Request.source_url: The URL of the page the request was captured on (like a Facebook post or Tweet). Saved as <blank> if not specified.

Importing your file

Now that your data is formatted you can add it to Uservoice. We'll walk you through how to do this.
  • If you do not have the import dialogue open already, click the "Idea" icon in the left-hand menu -> Click "All Open Suggestions" -> Click the cloud icon in the top right -> Select "Import support/requests".
  • Click the "Select .csv file" button -> choose your file -> click "Next". 
  • The next screen will show you how many rows will be imported. If a row contains an error, the whole row will be ignored and it will not be imported. You can choose to ignore the rows with errors or fix them and try again. 
  • Click the "Start Import" button, and you're done! You'll receive an email when the import has been completed and you'll see your imported data when you refresh the suggestion page.  

Troubleshooting Errors

  • Uploaded .csv file is invalid: Make sure you have saved your file as a CSV (comma delimited).
  • Required column missing: The following columns must be included in your file: suggestion.title or, user.email_address, and request.body (if another request field has been filled out). 
  • Required values missing: Make sure the following required columns are filled in: suggestion.title or, user.email_address. 
  • Invalid values provided: Your field values may not be in the correct format. See the Default Headers section above for formatting guidelines.
  • Reference objects not found: This indicates that your import references a suggestion that has not yet been created in UserVoice.
  • Duplicate records found: One of the requests in the import has the same user, suggestion, and body as an existing request from your forum. 
  • Unrecognized column provided: This means that one of the column headers is not recognized by our system. Make sure you are using the headers directly from the template
  • Ambiguous suggestion: A suggestion title from the import matches more than one suggestion from your forum. To fix this, enter a 

Common Questions

Q: Can I create new suggestions with this import?
A: No, this import can only be used to add supporters to existing suggestions. You can import new suggestions with our Suggestion Import

Q. Can I use this import to update user profile information?
A. No. This import cannot be used to update user profiles. 

Q: How long will the import take to process?
A: For the maximum size CSV file (10,000 rows), the import may take up to an hour to process, but is often done much faster.

Q. I imported some requests that are incorrect. How can I fix them?
You can delete and edit requests via the admin interface. (Click the idea icon on the left -> click "all open suggestions" -> search and filter to find the relevant suggestion and click on its title -> scroll down and click "edit" on the request you want to edit or delete.)

Q: How can import more than 50,000 rows at once?
A: At this time, this is not possible. If you want to see us add support for this, please share your idea on our forum.

Q: Will the import update existing supporters subscription status?
A: No. The import will only set the subscription status for new supporters on an idea. If a user is already a supporter, we will honor their existing subscription settings. The import will not update it. 

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