Contributor Notifications

This article will explain how Contributors are notified of status updates on ideas for which they have captured feedback. Contributors are team members who capture customer feedback using the Contributor Sidebar. If you're not familiar with this feature, check out our getting started guide here.

If you're capturing feedback from customers, you want to know when that feedback has been acted on so you can close the loop with the customer. For example... you've captured feedback on behalf of a prospect. When the product manager later updates the status of the idea to 'Released', you'll get a notification and you can follow up to let the prospect know.

How Contributor Notifications work

When an idea is updated with a new status, UserVoice automatically sends an email to the Contributors who captured feedback that is linked to that idea. Contributors and admins who use the Sidebar will have these notifications enabled by default. 

When a Product Manager updates the status of an idea they have the option to notify supporters (end users), but Contributors will always receive a notification regardless of this.  

What's included in the email?

The notification email will include the following information for each piece of feedback you have captured:
  • The text of the feedback that you captured from the customer
  • The page you were on when you captured the feedback
  • The customer's name, email address, and account (account will only be included if your team is using our Accounts feature)
  • If the user notified of the status update?
By default, end-users are opted in to receive notifications of status updates on ideas they support. They will receive these notifications if they were subscribed to updates when the feedback was captured and if the person making the update chooses to notify supporters
Reasons the customer would not have been notified of a status update:
  • They were not subscribed to updates when the feedback was captured (this is an optional box on the form). 
  • They disabled status notifications in their settings.
  • The admin making the status update chose not to notify supporters.

How to change your notification preferences

Contributors and admins who use the sidebar will receive these notifications by default. You can disable these notifications in your profile settings and there are a few ways to get there:
  • Click the menu icon (3 bars) at the top of the Sidebar -> Select "Settings"
  • If you are a licensed admin and have access to the backend of the UserVoice account, you can adjust your notification preferences in Settings -> General -> My Email Notifications. 
  • The email notification itself will also contain a link to update your notification preferences at the bottom of the message.

Common Questions

Q. Why am I not receiving Contributor notification emails?
A. If you have not disabled these notifications (as outlined above), check your spam folder and any filters that could catch messages from UserVoice. You may also need to check with your IT team about other filters that could be blocking these emails. 

Q. Can I send contributor notifications for past status updates?
A. No, there is not a way to send notifications for status updates that have already happened. 

Q. Can I get notifications for comments on these ideas?
A. Not at this time. If you would like to see this implemented please add your suggestion to our feedback forum

Q. Can I customize the Contributor notifications that are sent?
A. There is not a way to change the content or appearance of the notification emails. 

Q. Can I subscribe to Contributor notifications on only suggestions I choose?
A. Not at this time. If you would like to see this implemented please add your suggestion to our feedback forum.

Q. I'm updating the status of an idea, can I choose to not notify Contributors?
A. Contributors are always notified of status updates to ideas they have captured feedback for. If you would like to see this changed please add your suggestion to our feedback forum

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