Wrong translation or no translation

You've set the language of your web portal and forums, but you've noticed a phrase that's been translated wrong or hasn't been translated at all.

Our translations are maintained by our community. If you find one that needs updating, you can submit it on our translation portal.

1. Go to translate.uservoice.com

2. Click "Sign in" in the top right corner (you must be signed in to submit a translation).

3. Choose your language from the list on the right. Specify whether you want the "End-user translations" (customer facing part of the site) or the "Admin Console translations" (backend).

4. Once you've selected a language on the right you'll see the search box. Enter the phrase that needs to be changed and search. 

5. When it comes up, just click on the current translation and enter the corrected one. 

6. Click the arrow button beside the translation to save it. Then click the green "Publish" button.

7. Your translation will be held for moderation. Once it's reviewed by our team, you will receive an email telling you if it's been approved.

And you're done!

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