Exported file never arrives

You're trying to export data from your UserVoice account. You click the link, you get the message that the email has been sent, but still, nothing arrives in your email inbox. What's going on?

3 Things to Check

  • Spam Folder—Check to make sure your spam folder isn't catching the emails. 

  • Your Email Filters—Make sure you don't have any email filters on your account that could be catching or diverting the exported files into a folder.
  • Company Filters—Sometimes company wide filters can catch the emails, and they never reach your email inbox. Your exported files will come from no-reply@xxxxxx.uservoice.com (so no-reply@ your UserVoice subdomain). We recommend whitelisting the address. 

You might also check with your IT team to see if there are filters in place that could be catching the emails.

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