Public Status Updates for Ideas

As a Product Manager, you need to update the status of ideas to communicate with users around ideas you are considering, implementing or option not to do. We'll walk you through how to update the status of an idea, and how users can respond.

Update the Public Status of an Idea

When a user supports an idea and subscribes, they will automatically be subscribed to all status updates. 

Navigate to the Idea

  • Click the Ideas icon in the left hand menu
  • Click "All open suggestions" 
  • Search for the idea you want to set the status for and click the title
  • You will see the option to set the "Public Status" on the right.

Set the Public Status and Message

Choose the status for the idea, and then write up your status message. Then choose if you want to email the update to the supporters on the idea. In most cases, Product Managers, want users to get the email, to let users know the status of their idea. 

On the web portal (front end of your UserVoice site) your status update will be shown just below the idea.

Get Users Reactions to your Public Status

When sending a Public Status update message, users will be able to react to the status update. With Reactions enabled, users will be able to give a thumbs up or down to the status. 

Users can click to give their reaction, and then a web page will open that prompts the user for additional details. 

 In the Admin Console, you can then review the aggregate as well as individual reactions from users. 

This allows you as the Product Manager to hear from users and get their feedback on a status update. 

Common Questions

Q: What happens if I make a comment on an idea?
A: As an admin, you can add comments on the front and back end of the site. However, users are not notified of comments by default (they must turn this notification option on).

Q: Can I customize public statuses?

Q: Who gets public status notifications?
A: Any end users or contributors who are subscribed to the ideas, and any admins who are subscribed or have "All status updates" set in their notification settings. 

Q: Can I send an internal status that won't be posted to end users?
A: Yes, you can send an internal status update which is only send to contributors and admins. Learn more about this feature here.

Q. Can I update public statuses in bulk?
A: Yes! You can update multiple public statuses at one time. Follow the steps outlined here. Please note that bulk status updates cannot be undone!

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