Managing admin permissions

You can customize which aspects of the Admin Console internal users (admins, agents, and contributors) have access to. For example, you could give an admin access to just tickets or just articles. Or you can remove an admin's access to settings.
  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Choose "General"
  • Scroll down and click "Users and Permissions"  
  • You'll see your agents listed. Click the gear icon next to the internal user's permissions you want to edit, and choose "Edit Permissions..."

Set the Permission for the Different Parts of the App

They cannot access or view that part of the app.
Limited: They have view-only privileges.
Enabled: They can view and edit.

How to make someone an Owner

To grant an admin full owner privileges, give them full access to Settings. Owners can add internal users (admins, agents, and contributors), edit other users permissions, and update billing information.

Common Questions

Q. Can I edit permissions before an internal user accepts an invite? 
A. Yes. After you invite a new internal user, click the gear icon by their email address, and you can edit their permissions before they accept the invite.

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