Features Custom Fields

Custom Fields for Features allow you to rank your Features with additional data like dev effort, impact rating, links to mockups, or anything relevant to your team (learn more about Features here). You can also use Custom Fields to add contextual data to Features your team is considering.

Note: Feature Custom Fields are separate from User and Account Custom Fields. If you are looking for User and Account Custom Fields please see this article.

Creating Your Feature Custom Fields

Before you can use custom fields on your Features, you must first create the Custom Fields in your Feature Settings. We'll walk you through how to do that.

Navigate to the Custom Fields Tab
  • Click the "Features" icon (lightning bolt) in left-hand menu
  • Click the "Settings" icon (gear) in the top-right.
  • Click the tab titled "Feature Custom Fields"
  • Click "Create a Custom Field"
Create your Custom Field
  • Field Type: Pick the one that best suits the type of data you will be storing in this field. 
    • Text: Best for names of people, releases, email addresses, etc.
    • Multi-line Text: Best for longer descriptions and notes (*not sortable in the Feature list)
    • Number: Best for cost/benefit ratings, monetary values, etc. (*can be edited from the Feature list and used the Feature Scores and Charts)
    • Select List: Best for limited or standardized text options - names of specific people, releases, email addresses, etc. (*can be edited from the Feature list)
    • Select List (numeric values):  Best for limited or standardized number options. (*can be edited from the Feature list and used in Feature Scores and Charts)
    • Date and Time: Best for storing timestamps of events like activation or renewal dates
    • Boolean: Best for true/false values such as "Reviewed by PM?"
    • URL Field: Best for storing links to things outside of UserVoice like spec documents, designs, or tasks in another system. 
  • Label: The name of your field and what will show in the UI, Score and Segment Builders. 
Once you choose your Type, click "next" and then save.

*Note: Feature Custom Fields are shared by all admins on your account. Deleting a Custom Field will delete all data in that field, and this action cannot be undone.

Adding Data to your Custom Fields

Now that you have your Custom Fields created, you can start adding data for each of your Features. The easiest way to do this for numeric fields and select lists is by clicking on their value directly in the Features list. For other fields, you will need to edit the Feature to enter that information (click on the Feature's name in the Feature list -> Click "Edit Feature").

Use Custom Fields to Prioritize your Features

Now that you have your Features tagged with Custom Fields, you can use this data to analyze Features for your roadmap. 

When viewing your Features in the Features list, you can sort by your Custom fields to see the Features ordered by those values. (one exception is multi-line fields which cannot be used to sort)


Numeric Custom Fields can be used to create Scores which help you compare Features against each other based on criteria that you define. Learn more about Scores in this article

Numeric Custom Fields can also be used to plot Features on the Chart Features Report. Click the graph icon at the top-left of the Features page, then select the data points you want to use for your X and Y axes or bubble size. The example below shows 2 number Custom Fields (dev effort and impact rating) being used to measure cost/benefit for a set of Features. 

Common Questions

Q: Are Features and their Custom Fields visible to end users?
A: No. Features and their details are only visible to admins in UserVoice. 

Q: Can I create Custom Fields on a per-admin basis?
A: At this time, Feature Custom Fields are always shared between all admins on an account. If you'd like to see this functionality changed, please leave your idea on our forum

Q: I accidentally deleted a Custom Field. Can support recover it?
A: Unfortunately, once a field is deleted, we cannot recover it. 

Q: I don't see the Features icon on my account?
A: If you're on the latest version of UserVoice, please verify with the Owner of your Account (the person on your team that has billing and settings access) that you have the necessary permissions for Features. If you are the Owner of the account, it's possible you're on an older plan. Please email support@uservoice.com to get a quote for upgrading to the latest version of UserVoice. 

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