Prioritizing Features

You've created your Features as outlined in our Getting Started Guide. Now, it's time to add custom data and score the Features you are considering for your roadmap. We will walk you through the basics of:

Add Feature Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to add any data to a Feature like impact ratings, development effort, links to mockups, etc... The numeric custom fields can be used in Scores and on the Feature Chart.

Get Started with Custom Fields
  • Click the gear icon to the right -> Click the "Feature Custom Fields" tab -> Click "Create Custom Field."
  • You can create a custom field that is text, multi-line text, number, timestamp or boolean.
  • To add a Custom Field to a Feature, click on the feature -> Click "Edit Feature" -> Enter the correct value for the Custom Field.

Segment Users, Accounts, and MRR

[To use this part of Features, you will need to have data on your users and accounts in UserVoice. Learn more here.]

With Segments, you can filter supporting User and Accounts to see how many of your ‘target’ users and accounts want a Feature based on criteria specific to your business.

Get Started with Segments:
  • Click the gear icon to the right -> Click the "Segment" tab -> Click "Create a Segment" at the top.
  • Choose the Properties (aka filters) for your Segment. You can create filters around MRR, account names, user type etc...
  • MRR, Account and User columns will now be created for your new Segment on the Features page.

Create Scores for Features

Scores allow you to use criteria important to your company to create a "number" for each of your Features that can be used to compare features to one another. Whether you use Impact/Effort, RICE, Weighted Shortest Job First, or your own method, you can create a Score for that in UserVoice.

Get Started with Scores
  • Click the gear icon on the right -> Click the "Scores" tab -> Click "Create a new Score."
  • You will then be able to name your Score and create a formula based on your Custom Fields and Segments outlined above.
  • Once you've created your Scores, you can sort based on the values.

Visualize Features with Charts

A list of Features, Scores, and Segments is great, but you may want to visualize the data to help you identify the best features to prioritize.

Get Started with Charts
  • Click the chart icon at the top-left of Features Grid 
  • Choose the data points for your X and Y-Axis and Bubble Size. For example, we used Dev Effort (a custom field) for the x-axis, Effort Confidence (a custom field) for the y-axis, and linked Suggestions for the bubble size.

Common Questions

Q: Why don’t I see accounts on my suggestions or features grid?
A: You will need to have passed us account data on your users to use this part of Features. It's as simple as uploading a CSV template. Learn more here.

Q: Are users notified when their Suggestion is linked to a Feature?
A: No. The Features functionality is focused on helping your Product Team prioritize their roadmap, and nothing about Features is published or posted for end users.

Q: Why don’t I see the Features icon on my account?
A: Verify with the Owner on your Account (the person on your team that has billing and settings access) that you have the necessary permissions for Features. If you are the Owner on the account, your plan does not include Features.

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