Spam Filters for Ideas and Comments

UserVoice uses several different types of filters to catch spam, and we continue to adapt our filters and system to new types of spam.

We have built our own in-house spam filter, which catches specific types of suggestion spam, and we are always working to optimize it to address new types of spam.

In addition to our own filter, we also use Akismet as an additional spam filter for suggestions and comment. Akismet is a tool that learns based on content marked as spam across Akismet's user base. This gives our customers additional protection.

A few pieces of spam may make it past filters on occasion, and that is expected. But if you or team see an influx of clearly spam content, please reach out to with links to the spam suggestions so we can investigate on our end. 

Common Questions:

Q: How do I review ideas marked as spam?
A: Click the lightbulb icon in the left hand menu -> Click "All Open Suggestions" -> Click the "Status" filter and choose "Marked as spam." If you see something that is not spam, simply click the three vertical dots by the suggestion name and choose "not spam." This will restore the idea.

Q: What happens when I mark an idea or comment as spam?
A: The idea or comment is removed from the forum, so end users will not be able to see or view it. Our system will learn based on things like the content and user's IP. Marking a user's idea or comment as spam, will increase the chances other content from that user or IP will be marked as spam automatically.

Q: What do I do if something is wrongly marked as spam?
A: Mark it as "Not spam." This will start to train our filters. 

Q: How do I block a user?
A: Learn how to block a user here.

Q: Does this filter apply to tickets?
A: No, but we do have separate spam filtering for tickets. 

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