Delete a User

Your end users may request their profile in UserVoice be deleted or you need to do this when honoring their request to erase their data. We will walk you through the options.

How Users Can Delete their own Profile

  • Have the user go to your UserVoice site (i.e.
  • Click “Sign in” in the top right corner
  • Once logged in, have them click “Settings” under their username
  • Scroll down and they will see the option to “Delete my Profile”
  • They will need to confirm, and then the profile will be deleted

How to Delete a User on their Behalf

  • From the Admin Console: Click the "Users" icon in the left hand menu -> locate the user you want to delete and click to pull up their profile -> You will see the option to "Delete" in the top right corner.
  • With the API: Use the following API endpoint to delete a user’s profile from your UserVoice site: DELETE /api/v2/admin/users/id. Learn more about this API endpoint here.

What Happens when a User is Deleted?

  • All the user’s personal data connected to their profile is deleted, including email address, username, IP etc...
  • Any ideas with activity, tickets, or feedback they created will be attributed to a [deleted user].
  • If the user has posted an idea and it has no activity or commented on an idea, the idea or comment will be permanently deleted.
  • Personal information they entered in tickets, ideas or comments, will be scrubbed.
  • Reply threads from email replies (via the "Email a User," "Email All Users," and "Email Potential Users," features will be anonymized and personal information will be removed.
  • Any attachments added to ideas, tickets or comments will not be deleted.

Common Questions

Q: If a user is deleted, will they still receive status updates?
A: No. When a user is deleted, all their information is removed from our system including email address, so they will no longer receive status updates or any type of email communication.

Q: Can I delete a user directly from the admin console?

A: Yes. See above, 'How to Delete a User on their Behalf'.

Q: Do you have an article that I can share with users on how to delete their profile?
A: Yes, we do here.

Q: Where can I learn about GDPR compliance?

Q: What happens if my account is deactivated?
A: Users will still be able to sign in and delete their profile, and you will still be able to use the API endpoint for this action as well.

Q: Can I see who has deleted their profile?
A: As the data controller, we will send a daily digest called the User Erasure and Access Report to your Privacy Contact entered in your UserVoice settings, letting them know which users exercised their right in the last 24 hours to delete their personal data. This enables your privacy contact to take any actions necessary when a user deletes their profile on your UserVoice site. Once the email is sent the data is no longer stored in our system, and the digest cannot be resent.

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