Export a user's data

How Users can Export their Data
  • Have the user go to your UserVoice site (i.e. xxxx.uservoice.com)
  • Click “Sign in” in the top right corner
  • Once logged in, have them click “Settings” under their username
  • Scroll down and click “Export my Data”
  • They will receive an email from no-reply@yoursubdomain.com with the data.

Export for a User

  • This is possible via our API: PUT /api/v2/admin/users/id/export. You can find more details in our Developer Documentation here.

How  the Export Works

  • It will generate and send an email directly to the user and it will come from no-reply@yoursubdomain.uservoice.com
  • Includes submitted ideas, supported ideas, comments, ticket messages, uploads and the user's user name, email and IP.

Common Questions

Q: Why are user and account fields/traits not showing in the export?

A: Our export feature gives back to the user the data they provided through your UserVoice site. If you have other personal data on a user, you will need to provide it to the user through your own processes.

Q: The user says they have not gotten the export?
A: Have them check their spam folder and any filters. The email does come from no-reply@ which can be caught by some spam filters. If it’s a company email address, they will need to check with their IT team as well. If they still can’t find it, send us the user’s email address and we can look at our logs.

Q: Can UserVoice support do this for my user?
A: No, as it is your account, we cannot do this. You and your team will need to do this.

Q: Do you have an article I can share with my users?
A: Yes, please see this article.

Q: What happens if my account is deactivated?
A: Users will still be able to sign in and export their data, and you will still be able to use the API endpoint for this action as well.

Q: Where can I learn about UserVoice's GDPR compliance?

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