UserVoice Glossary

The diagram below shows how objects in UserVoice relate to one another. It is not a chronological representation of the feedback flow. 

Creator: Admin
Visibility: Private/Internal
Purpose: A unit of work that Product and Engineering are planning to deliver. Support from end users is inherited through linked Suggestions. Learn how to create Features in UserVoice

Creator: End-user
Visibility: Public
Purpose: User-created idea that other users can see, vote for, and comment on. Admins can respond by updating its Status or adding comments. 

Creator: End-user or admin
Visibility: Public
Purpose: Part of a conversation nested underneath a Suggestion. Does not indicate support. 

Creator: End-user or admin
Visibility: Private/Internal
Purpose: Raw user feedback. Can be captured via Contributor SidebarZendesk Integration, or Salesforce Opportunity Integration.  

Creator: End-user
Visibility: Private to the End-User who voted
Purpose: An indication of support given to a Suggestion. An end user can vote on a Suggestion directly or be added as a Supporter by an admin.

Visibility: Public (Ideas and Comments)
Purpose: An end user of your UserVoice instance. Can be grouped by Account

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