Embedded (inline) Widget

This will walk you through how to embed the widget as part of the page instead of having it open when a user clicks the "trigger".

The Basic Implementation:

Add your widget code into the HTML of your page inside this div tag:

<div data-uv-embed="contact">Widget code goes here!</div>

The text between quotation marks is what determines which widget is displayed regardless of your widget settings when you generated the code. This means you can swap it out for any of these four options:
  • contact
  • satisfaction 
  • smartvote
  • post idea

Setting the widget dimensions:

By default, the iframe will fill the width of the container element, but you can set specific height/width with data-uv-height="325px" and data-uv-width="100%".


<div data-uv-embed="contact" data-uv-height="325px" data-uv-width="100%">Widget code goes here!</div>

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