VSTS (Azure DevOps) Integration Setup

This article will walk through how to set up the VSTS Integration for UserVoice. Before getting started, be sure to check out this article for an overview of the integration and its functionality. 

Please note that these steps require a VSTS Administrator and a UserVoice administrator to work together to complete the configuration process.
  1. Sign into your UserVoice admin console (https://yourcompany.uservoice.com/admin)
  2. Click the icon in the bottom-left corning to open "Settings"
  3. Select "Integrations"
  4. Click the "Visual Studio Team Services" link at the very bottom of the page
  5. Click "Link Account…" (A VSTS admin will need to complete the next step)
  6. Log into the VSTS instance you’d like to connect to your subdomain (VSTS admin access required)
  7. Click “Accept” to grant UserVoice access to read data from this VSTS instance as well as write data to the instance

  8. Back in UserVoice, a UserVoice Admin will be able to tell that the setup was successful because Projects from the VSTS instance will be displayed on the "VSTS Integrations" page. You can select which projects and work item types you want to be able to create from UserVoice.

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