Firewall Configuration for Jira Server Integration

If your Jira Server instance is behind a firewall, you will need to work with your IT or Systems team to make sure that UserVoice can reach the endpoints listed below. 

*This article is related to the Jira Server Integration. You can read more about the integration here

Auth routes:
Obtain Jira request token: (POST)
Obtain access token: (POST)

Create webhooks: (POST)
Check if webhooks exist: (GET)
Delete webhooks: (DELETE)

Custom Fields:
Create custom fields: (POST)

Get metadata in order to create an issue (GET)

Create an Issue (GET) See documentation
Get an Issue and it’s Changelog (GET)
Update UserVoice custom field for an Issue (PUT)

Get list of all Projects (GET)

Search for existing UserVoice custom field (GET)

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