Jira Integration

You're using UserVoice to prioritize your product roadmap, but when you decide what to build next you need a way to connect your customer feedback to specific engineering tasks. With the Jira Integration, you can connect Features and Suggestions in UserVoice to Issues and Epics in Jira. As UserVoice items and Jira issues are updated, their status is reflected in each system. This allows you to keep Product and Engineering efforts in sync.

The Jira Integration can be used with Jira Server or Jira Cloud instances, but the set up will be different for each. 

Link UserVoice Items to Jira Issues

After installing and configuring the Jira Integration, a new section labeled "Linked Jira Issues" will be visible in UserVoice when you view a Suggestion or Feature. From here, you can link your UserVoice items to existing Jira Issues (or create new ones), and see details of the linked Jira Issues at a glance.

Link a Feature to a Jira Issue
  1. Click the Features icon in the left-hand menu (lightning bolt)
  2. Click on the Feature you want to link
  3. In the "Linked Jira Issues" section, click "Add"
  4. Enter your Jira issue URL or key (e.g. OPS-128) or click to create a new one
Link a Suggestion to a Jira Issue
  1. Click the Suggestions icon in the left-hand menu (light bulb)
  2. Click "All Open Suggestions" or a forum name
  3. Click on the Suggestion you want to link
  4. In the "Linked Jira Issues" section, click "Add"
  5. Enter your Jira issue URL or key (e.g. OPS-128) or click to create a new one
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Keep Statuses in Sync

Once you have linked Jira Issues to Suggestions or Features in UserVoice, their respective statuses will be reflected in both systems. If you update the status of a Jira Issue, that update will be reflected when viewing the linked items in UserVoice and vice versa.

*Please note: Updating the status of a Jira issue or UserVoice item does not automatically change the status of the linked object in the other system. For example, when a developer moves a Jira Issue to “Done”, this will not change the status of a linked Suggestion in UserVoice. This is because an issue being "done" in Jira does not necessarily mean it's ready for customers (updating the status of the UserVoice Suggestion could send out an email update to supporters).

In UserVoice

When viewing a Suggestion or Feature in UserVoice, you will see a section called "Linked Jira Issues" which will include links to the related Jira Issues, their current status in Jira, and when they were last updated.

In the data grid views of Features and Suggestions in UserVoice, you will see a “Linked Jira Issues” column and “Jira Status Last Updated” column. These will show you the number of Jira issues linked to each Feature/Suggestion, and when one of them was last updated - letting you see how development progress is going at a glance.

In Jira

When viewing an Issue in Jira, you'll see a custom field called "UserVoice links". This will display the related items in UserVoice, their current status in UserVoice, and their supporter counts. You can also leverage the “UserVoice Links” field in advanced search queries, table views, and reports to quickly see which issues are linked to UserVoice.

Common Questions

Q. Does updating the status of a Jira issue update the status of the linked Suggestion or Feature in UserVoice?
A. No. The status of linked Jira issues is visible in UserVoice, and the status of linked UserVoice features/suggestions is visible in Jira, but they do not automatically update the status of the other. This means that when a developer moves an issue in Jira to DONE, it does not automatically notify all the related supporters and contributors in UserVoice. This is because an issue being “DONE” in Jira doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready for customers. 

Q. If I split one Jira issue into two separate issues, will the linked UserVoice items be connected to both Jira Issues?
A. The UserVoice items will remain connected to the original Jira issue but they will not be connected to the new issue you created in Jira.

Q. Is there a way to display Jira issue statuses to end-users?
A. No. Information about linked Jira issues, including status, is only visible to UserVoice admins in the admin console.

Q. Can Jira issues be created automatically from UserVoice Suggestions or Features?
A. Due to the potential for required fields in Jira, we do not have a way to do this automatically. However, when manually creating a Jira issue from within UserVoice, the issue’s summary and description will be pre-populated and a link back to UserVoice will be added by default. 

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