Allow Users to Flag Inappropriate Content

Allow Users to Flag Inappropriate Content

You can enable users to help you moderate ideas and comments.

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Click the "General" tab
  • Click "feedback forums"
  • Scroll down to "Allow users to flag inappropriate content"
  • Click “Enable” to turn on the feature
  • Then, click “Edit” and you can edit the settings

Set the Conditions:
  • Adaptive Response: The more supporters an idea has the more times it has to be flagged before the action is taken. This helps prevent one or two disgruntled people from flagging a popular idea.
  • When X Number of Users Flag: This allows you stipulate how many users must flag content before the action is taken.

For the actions, you can set it to remove the idea or comment from public view until an admin approves it, or you can opt to leave it published and simply notify admins of the flag.

Note: If a user flags an idea that an admin has responded to or already approved, no action will be taken. This is because the system sees the idea as approved since an admin has responded to it.

Managing Ideas and Comments held for Moderation

Your filters are all set. Now you just need to moderate the ideas and comments that have been flagged or held for moderation.

  • Click the idea icon (lightbulb) on the left.
  • On your main feedback page, click the "Activity & Moderation" tab.
  • Click the "Needs Review" filter.

  • Now you'll see a list of ideas and comments awaiting approval. You can Approve, Mark as Spam or Delete

Common Questions

Q: How do I see ideas held for moderation for a single forum?
A: Click the idea icon (lightbulb) -> Click into the forum -> Click the "Activity & Moderation" tab in that forum.

Q: The idea I flagged isn't being removed?
A: Has an admin previously approved the idea or given it a status update or message? If so, the flag will be ignored, since the idea is seen as approved already due to the admin taking action on it. 

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