My account is deactivated

When your account is deactivated, it will be deleted in 30 days. 

Why was my Account Deactivated?

Your account was deactivated due to non-payment. 

Invoice Customers: We have either not received payment or your team has opted to cancel. 
  • To reactivate, please contact your Account Manager. 
Credit Card Customers: The card on file has either expired or when we tried the card, it was denied. The Owner on the account would have been notified, and there is a 7-day grace period. 
  • To reactivate, the Owner on the account needs to log into the admin console ( and enter updated credit card information. If you're having issues enter updated CC information, please see this article

If You're no Longer Using UserVoice....

If you are no longer using UserVoice, we recommend the following to ensure a smooth transition for you and your users.
  • Update Links to your UserVoice site: If you have links pointing to your UserVoice site, we recommend removing those. Note: We cannot redirect your UserVoice site to another URL.
  • Remove the Widget from your Website: You will want to remove the widget code from your website (you may need to pull in the team that manages your website). During deactivation, the widget will give an error, and then will stop loading once the account is deleted. 
  • Remove Mobile SDKs: If you are using UserVoice in your mobile app, you will want to remove the Mobile SDK from your app. 

Export your Data

We do recommend exporting your data. You can do this by going to Settings -> General -> Scroll down to "Export to Excel."

You will receive an email from (do check your spam and any filters if you don't see it in your inbox). 

You will need to click the links and download the data now. Once the account is deleted, the files and links will no longer be available. 

Common Questions

Q: Can I redirect our UserVoice site to another URL?

A: No. This is not possible.

Q: Can I keep my account deactivated longer than 30 days?
A: No. Deactivated accounts are deleted after 30 days. You will need to renew to keep the account.

Q: Will users be able to leave feedback now that my account is deactivated?
A: No. Neither end users or contributors will be able to leave feedback. End users will be able to sign in and export their data, though.

Q: How do I cancel or delete my account?
A: Please see this article for how to delete your account. 

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