Suggestion Not Found

As an admin, you clicked a link to view a suggestion, and when you do, you get a 404. What's happened to the suggestion?

Suggestion was Deleted by the Creator

End users can permanently ideas they created when they:
  • Delete their end user profile, which also delete any ideas they created that have no activity on them.
  • Delete the idea themselves, which they can do if it has no user activity.
If they delete the idea, it is permanently deleted. Admins will not be able to view it. 

Q:Why did I get a notification about the idea if the user deleted it?
A: The user deleted it after the notification was generated.  

Other Scenarios

  • The Wrong URL: If you copied and pasted the URL from somewhere or someone shared it with you, it's possible there's a typo in the URL. If you're unsure, we recommend searching by title for the idea in all open suggestions.
  • Forum Was Deleted: If an admin deletes a forum, all suggestions in that forum are permanently deleted, so any URLS to those ideas will no longer work. Double check to ensure the forum is live. 
  • Idea was Deleted via  the API: If you or your engineers have an integration that allows you to delete suggestions via the API, it may have been deleted through the integration. Ideas deleted via the API are permanently deleted.
Q: What happens if I delete an idea in the admin console?
A: It's soft deleted, and can still be accessed with the filter "Status: Deleted"

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