What to expect with the latest version of UserVoice

In this article we are going to walk you through what to expect with your migration to the latest version of UserVoice, so you can easily navigate and take advantage of the new functionality available to you and your team!

Navigating the New UI

1. UserVoice Dashboard and NEW Feedback Analysis Report

2. NEW Roadmap

3. Idea Forums & Moderation

4. NPS Report

5. User's and NEW Accounts Grid

6. Tickets and Support Reports*

7. Articles*

8. Account and admin settings 

Denotes our light weight support tools. Only accounts that already have these features will see them on their account.

What’s Changing
  • Exporting Activity: If you and your team use our activity export in the forum (screenshot), where you export activity now will be different. Navigate to the forum -> Click the tab “Activity and Moderation” -> Set a time period and export the data (screenshot).

Updates to Existing Features

Viewing and Filtering Ideas
  • View and filter ideas across all forums and for certain time frames. Learn more
Managing Ideas
  • Merge multiple ideas at once and unmerge an idea. Learn more.
  • Bulk delete, mark as spam and move ideas. Learn more.
  • Moderate ideas across all forums, or for specific forums. Learn more.
Managing Users
  • Grant and remove license permissions from the user's grid.
  • Filter users by license type or end user status. 

New Features

Collecting Feedback

  • Contributor Sidebar: Your admins or internal team members (when you purchase contributor licenses) can capture feedback on behalf of end users and connect them to ideas. Learn more

Managing Feedback

  • JIRA Integration: Just like you can with our VSTS integration, you can now link ideas or features to JIRA tickets or create a new JIRA ticket from within UserVoice. Learn more.
  • Custom Views and Notifications for Forums: Admins can create custom views for the forums and ideas views, and receive notifications on ideas within those views. Learn more.
  • Feedback Analysis Report: See how many users are leaving feedback on your forums, and through which channels you receive feedback. Learn more
  • Labels: Tag ideas with internal labels only admins can see and use, to help you categorize ideas internally. Learn more

Analyzing Feedback

  • Accounts Page: If you’re using Account Traits, you can now view a list of accounts along with their ideas and users connected to those accounts. Learn more.
  • Custom User and Account Traits: If you’re using User and/or Account traits, you can now pass custom traits. Learn more
  • Segments: You have multiple users, but not all users may have an equal voice as you consider features for your roadmap. Create segments around user and account traits to see what is most important to the customer segments you’re targeting. Learn more.
  • Roadmap: Create Features for things your Product Team is considering, link relevant ideas to them, use Scores and Segments to prioritize your roadmap and then share internally to get feedback. Learn more.
  • Analysis Export: Export ideas, and supporters on those ideas so your BI Team can do advanced analysis. Learn more.

Common Questions

Q: What will happen to our VSTS integration setup on the old platform?
A: Your integration will be preserved with the migration, along with your existing linkage and setup.

Q: How can I customize what features my admins or agents see?
A: You do have the option to remove permissions for the Features or Idea views. Learn more.

Q: What new Support Tool features are part of the new version of UserVoice?
A: All your Support functionality will remain the same with no changes.

Q: How can I learn more about the new functionality available to me?
A: Our Knowledge Base contains extensive documentation around all new functionality along with Best Practice articles focused on getting the most out of UserVoice. Some videos to help you get started are:

Feedback and Knowledge Base