Change the Owner on your Account

We'll walk you through how to transfer Ownership of your UserVoice account.

  • Log into the Admin Console and click the icon in the bottom left corner -> Scroll down and click "Users and Permissions."
  • On the Admin page, click "Add user," and enter the new owner's email address. Click "Invite."
  • Once you've sent the invite, click the gear icon by the new the new Owner's email address and choose "Edit Permissions"

  • Give them access to "Settings—Enabled: Settings, Billing, and Permissions.

When they accept the invite, they will be an Owner on the account.
  • Once that's done, the new owner can log in and go to Settings → Admins, and click the gear icon across from your username and choose "Remove as admin."
And you're done! You've successfully transferred Ownership of your account.

Note: When adding an admin, you may get a warning that your monthly rate will increase (since you will have 2 admins/owners on the account). If you are planning to delete the other existing admin, please do so right away, and the rate increase will not take effect.

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