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Whether you have fifty, a hundred, or over a thousand tickets, you need an easy way to search and sort them. Whether you’re looking for a specific ticket or need to view a whole group, you have several options.

Search parameters are made up of field:value pairs. For example, to find all tickets assigned to you, you would search for assignee:me.

Note: If you are looking for additional search options not outlined here, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Search parameters

Field Value(s) Description
"Custom Field" none
"Field Value"
Select tickets based on values for any ticket field you create. Use * as a wildcard.
"Person’s Name"
If you’re looking for tickets submitted by someone specific, you can search for the person’s name or email address.

(note: if the email address contains a '+' character, you should enclose it in quotes: "")
status open
Ticket status
assignee any (default)
others (anyone but you)
"Agent Name"
"Queue Name"
Agent or Support Queue the ticket is assigned to
queue none
"Queue Name"
Support Queue the ticket is associated with. If a ticket was first assigned to a queue and then to an agent, this remembers which queue it was assigned to before.
number 12345
Find a specific ticket by ticket number
channel email
Which type of source the ticket was created in (e.g., email or web)
Contact - Tickets through the new Contact widget
Satisfaction - Tickets created from NPS responses
API - All tickets that come in through an API connection
Portal - Through the widget on your Web Portal
Android - Tickets that come through the Android SDK
iOS - Tickets through the iOS SDK
created today
Relative time ago when the ticket was created
created_start "YYYY-MM-DD" Display tickets created on or after this date
created_end "YYYY-MM-DD" Display tickets created on or before this date
updated today
Relative time ago when the ticket was last updated
updated_start "YYYY-MM-DD" Display tickets updated on or after this date
updated_end "YYYY-MM-DD" Display tickets updated on or before this date
sort updated (default)
Sort tickets by another parameter
order desc (default)
Ticket sort order

Ticket Fields: You can also search for tickets using ticket fields. So if your ticket field is Country and one of the predefined values is India, you would search…

  • "Country":"India" (quotation marks must be included around the custom field and around the predefined value you’re searching for.)

You can do the same thing with Ticket Fields without predefined values.

  • "Country":"I don’t have one"

You can also search for ticket fields that have been left blank.

  • "Country":"None"
Keywords: You can also search with just a string of text and it will search the tickets and notes
  • Sign-in problems
  • I need help
  • Joe said
(A text search can also be used in conjunction with any of the search parameters above.)

Combining search parameters: You can also combine search parameters to get results that are more refined. You could do…
  • assignee:me status:open updated:yesterday

Searching for tickets created or updated between date ranges: You can also search for tickets that were created or updated within a specific date range.

  • created_start:"2014-03-01" created_end:"2014-03-07"

Negating search parameters: Any of these search terms can be negated. For instance, to search for all tickets not from, you would put a hyphen before the term.

  • -updated:yesterday
  • -assignee:me

Searching within a parameter: Maybe you want to search for tickets assigned to either Mary or Joe. Or you want to view tickets marked as deleted or spam. You can do this by simply inserting a comma.

  • assignee:joe,mary
  • updated:today,yesterday
  • status:deleted,spam

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