Email a user who gave feedback

Whether a user's feedback was captured by a Contributor or they left a comment on the web portal, you may want to follow up with them directly to get additional context

With our 1:1 communication feature, you can email directly with the user from within UserVoice, and keep the entire conversation connected with the original feedback and idea. 

Get Started

When viewing a suggestion in the admin console, scroll down to view the feedback on the idea. This includes feedback captured by contributors and comments left by users on your forum.

You will see the option to "Reply" which will let you respond directly to the user. 

Sending your Message

Write up the message you want to send to the user. It does use plain text formatting. As the admin sending the reply, you will also get a notification with a copy of the message sent to the user. You can respond to this to send another message to the user. 

What Users Will See

  • Email Subject: Your Feedback from (Date feedback was captured/shared)
  • From: (Admins Username) and (unique code) This email address is used so the user can respond and have that reply stored in UserVoice.
  • Content: The message you wrote up and a link to the idea the feedback or comment is connected to. If the user posted a public comment, their comment will also be included. Feedback Contributors captured is not included in the reply as that is private and only visible to admins on the account.

When Users Write Back

When a user responds, the response will be threaded in UserVoice. The admin will also get a notification that the user has responded. 

As an admin, you can respond to follow up with the user, and they can also respond back. The conversation will be threaded in UserVoice. 

Common Questions

Q: Can admins respond to the notification of the user's response and have it go back to UserVoice AND the user?
A: Yes, you can!

Q: Can I customize the subject of the email?

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