Email all supporters on an idea

When evaluating ideas or after deciding to implement one, you may need to follow up with users, get additional feedback or share design mock ups. 

When you email supporters, you can quickly reach out to all supporters on idea, share files and get their replies back into UserVoice, so you keep all feedback related to an idea you're considering in one place.

This communication feature is private, so users will receive your email in their inboxes, and their replies will only be visible to admins in UserVoice. 

Get Started

  • Click the "lightbulb" icon in the left hand menu
  • Click into "all open suggestions"
  • Locate and view the idea you want to message supporters on.
  • On the right, above the status update, you will see the option to Email Supporters. 
  • Click "Send an Email" to get started!

Composing your Email

  • Customize the Subject: We will fill in a default subject [your subdomain] [Idea title], but you can edit that to whatever subject you would like. 
  • Compose your Message: Enter your message, like you would for any email. The email is plain text. 
  • Add an attachment: You can add attachments up to 50MB each. 
  • Email me a copy of each reply: This is if you want a copy of users responses in your email inbox as well. This can be useful if you know you want to have more dialogue with users who write back.
Hit "Send Message"

What Users Will See

When users get the message, they will also see a reference at the bottom with a link to the idea. This way they see your message, and quickly understand the context. 

The email will show as from your admin username, and the email address will be a unique email so the user can respond and that reply will be stored in UserVoice. 

When Users Write Back

When supporters respond, those replies will go back into UserVoice, and be stored on the message. This lets you quickly reference not just the message you sent, but all users replies in UserVoice.

If you checked "email me a copy of each reply," you will also get a copy of the email at your admin email address.

Can I respond to users replies in UserVoice? We don't have functionality for this. Let us know if this is something you would like to see by posting an idea on our feedback forum.

Common Questions

Q: What file types can I attach?
A: The following file types are currently allowed: .png, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .txt, .csv, .xlsx, .pptx, .docx, .pdf, .mp4, .mov, .xd

Q: Can I send the email to a segment of  the subscribers?
A: We don't have a feature for this at this time, but please, share your feedback on our forums.

Q: What happens if a supporter is not subscribed to updates?
A: If a supporter is not subscribed to updates on the idea, they will not receive the email. They do have to be subscribed. 

Q: Will Contributors or Admins who have captured feedback on the idea get the email?
A: Only users who support the idea get the email. Now, if a Contributor voted for the idea on the web portal, they would get the email because they are also a supporter. 

An admin who has opted to receive updates on all ideas, would also get the email because of their account notifications. 

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