Pin feedback

Do you need a way to provide quick representative feedback on suggestions?

You can see a summary of a suggestion by looking at pinned feedback (customer quotes from captured requests or comments) that best represent that suggestion.

From the admin console, when on a suggestion detail, admins can pin key customer quotes (comments and requests) from the activity stream. 

To do this...

1. Navigate to the suggestion
2. You will be on the "Details and Activity" tab by default. You can pin requests and comments, so you can click the "Filter activity" button to see only comments and requests

3. To pin a request or comment, click the "Pin quote" icon

Now you will be able to navigate to a suggestion and filter to see only pinned feedback 

  • Feedback pinned to a suggestion will also appear on features that the suggestion is linked to.
  • If you unpin feedback from a feature, it will also be unpinned from the suggestion.

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