Enable comment notifications by default

Users on your web portal can choose to get notifications of new comments on ideas that they have supported by enabling this setting on their web portal...

This option will not be checked for new users by default, but you can change this with an admin setting, "Enable comment notifications by default".

When this setting is enabled in the admin console, new users (it won't affect existing users) in UserVoice will have the above box checked and will receive notifications of new comments on ideas they have supported without having to enable the setting themselves.

To enable this as an admin.....

1. Login to the admin console and navigate to "Settings" - "General" - "Suggestions"
2. Scroll down and click "Enable" next to "Enable comment notifications by default"

Comment notifications will go out 10 minutes after the comment is made, to give the end-user time to make any changes to their comment.

Common Questions

Q: Will this change the setting for existing users?
A: No, only new users will be affected by this setting, so they will be setup to receive comment notifications as soon as they sign-in.

Q: Will this setting prevent users from changing their own notifications?
A: No, they will be able to override their comment notification setting on the web portal at anytime.

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