Pendo Integration

You can now add the UserVoice Post Idea Widget to the Pendo Resource Center, so your users can quickly and easily give product feedback directly in your app.

Get Started with the Integration

1) Log into and open the Settings cogwheel in the lower left-hand corner of the screen

2) Select “Integrations” from the pop-up menu

3) Scroll down to the “User Feedback” section and select "UserVoice"

4) Here you’ll be prompted to enter information about your UserVoice instance:

  • Your subdomain (use your native UserVoice subdomain (i.e. even if you use a domain alias on the account).
  • An Access Token for your UserVoice API key that will integrate with Pendo. To create your Access Token, in UserVoice go to Settings (lower left corner icon) → Integrations → UserVoice API Keys and click the "Create" link to the right of the API Key you intend to use for your Pendo integration.
  • The Forum ID where suggestions will be posted
  • Make sure the "Email Metadata Field" matches the name of the Visitor Metadata field (in Pendo) that is mapped to pass the Visitor’s email address

  • Set the Title and Description of the embedded Post Idea Widget

Enable & Configure the Integration

1) Embed the UserVoice Post Idea Widget into Pendo's Resource Center
  • In the sidebar menu of, click "Guides"

  • In the pop-up menu, select "Resource Center" 

  • Hover over "Resource Center" 

  • Click "Add Module" 

  • Select UserVoice

2) Set the Title and Subtitle for the Resource Center Menu
This will show on the front-page of your Pendo Resource Center Widget
  • Click the “Manage in my App” link in the top right of the Resource Center draft screen

  • Enter the appropriate URL and click “Launch Designer” 

  • Scroll to the bottom to see configuration options for the UserVoice integration

  • You will see two fields, "UserVoice" and "UserVoice Subtitle." Enter the Title and subtitle you want to use. 

  • In the top right corner of the screen, click "Save" 
  • You may then click the "Exit" button to close the Designer

3) Push your Draft to Staging
  • If you are happy with the output on your Draft, click the black "Push to Staging" button in the top-right corner of the screen - even if you don't have a staging environment set up, you'll still need to push your Draft to Staging

  • This will take you from the Draft editor to the Staging view

4) Push to Production
  • If you are happy with the Staging output, click "Push to Production" and confirm on the following pop-up

  • Your integration is now live! 

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