Export Requests

You may wish to export Requests collected by your Admins and Contributors - we'll walk you through this process.

Export Requests For All Ideas, or a Set of Ideas

  • On the UserVoice sidebar menu, click the lightbulb icon to navigate to the Suggestions section.

  • Click, “All Open Suggestions”, open a saved view, or navigate to a specific forum.

  • Click on the "Activity & moderation" tab.

  • Under "Activity type" deselect all "Customer activity" boxes except for "Requests".
  • Click the cloud-shaped "Export" button.

Export Requests for a Single Idea

  • Navigate to the Idea for which you’d like to export internal Requests.

  • Scroll below the "Insights and Activity" section to locate the "Filter Activity" button.

  • Click this and deselect all options from the drop-down menu except for Requests
  • Click the cloud-shaped "Export" button directly next to this filter.

Common Questions

Q. What does the Requests export contain?

A.The Requests export will include the body of the request, as well as identifying information about the User that submitted it (links.created_by.id, links.created_by.email, links.created_by.name), the timestamp of its creation and the ID of the suggestion it is linked with.

Q. I haven't received my export!

A. The exports will be sent from no-reply@yoursubdomain.uservoice.com. Check your spam folder or any filters. It's possible the email got flagged since it does come from a no-reply@.

Q. Can I import Requests?

A. You can import Requests, along with Supporters. Find out how here!

Q. Can I export Requests with Ideas?

A. At this time Ideas and Requests can be exported in the same document, but will not be sorted or separated by Idea.

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