Export Comments

You can export Comments for all Ideas, a group of Ideas, or a single Idea.

Export Comments for All Open Ideas, or a Set of Ideas

  • Click the Ideas icon on the left (lightbulb) -> Click "All open suggestions" or click into a saved view.
  • Click the “Related activity & moderation” tab.

  • Use the filters along the top of the page to find the ideas you want to export comments for. For more details on the filter functions, check out this article. If you are looking to export comments across all Ideas, do not apply filters to the All Open Ideas view (you can also use the Status drop-down to include Closed Ideas).

  • Select Comments from the menu on the left, along with any other types of activity you may wish to export, then click the “Export” button in the bottom-left corner.

Export Comments for a Single Idea

  • You can export activity on a single Idea, including Comments.

  • Open the Idea.

  • Scroll down to the "Activity Feed".

  • You will see the option to filter - be sure to select comment.
  • Click the cloud-shaped "Export" button on the top right of the Activity feed.

Common Questions

Q. What does the Comments export contain?
A. The Comments export will include the body of the comment, as well as identifying information about the User that submitted it (links.created_by.id, links.created_by.email, links.created_by.name), the timestamp of its creation and the ID of the Suggestion it is linked with.

Q. I haven't received my export!

A. The exports will be sent from no-reply@yoursubdomain.uservoice.com. Check your spam folder or any filters. It's possible the email got flagged since it does come from a no-reply@.

Q. Can I import comments?

A. Comments are not able to be imported at this time. We do have a suggestion for this feature, so be sure to voice your support if this is something you would like to see added.

Q. Can I export comments with Ideas?

A. At this time, no, Ideas and Comments can only be exported in separate documents. Support this Idea if you want us to add this feature.

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