Export Suggestions

When viewing a list of ideas, you can use filters and search to find the ideas you're interested in. Once you have narrowed down your list of ideas, you can export data for the ideas in that list. You can export ideas across some or all forums and in combination with other filters.
  • Click the Ideas icon on the left (lightbulb)

  • Click "All open suggestions" or click into a saved view

  • Use the filters and search bar to find the ideas you want to export. For more details on the search and filter functions, check out this article

  • Click the "Export" button and select "export current dataset".
  • You'll have the option to choose the regular export or the Analysis export

Common Questions

Q. What does the Suggestions export contain?

A.Regular exports contain the ID, Title and Body of the Idea, as well as Supporter and Comment counts (and plenty of other data, documented in detail here). The Analysis export contains all the above information about the exported Suggestions, as well as read more about the Analysis export here

Q. I haven't received my export!

A. The exports will be sent from no-reply@yoursubdomain.uservoice.com. Check your spam folder or any filters. It's possible the email got flagged since it does come from a no-reply@.

Q. Can I import Suggestions?

A. Yes, find out how here!

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