Tag and find tickets quickly

Sometimes you need to tag and find specific tickets quickly. Maybe you want to review all the tickets in a certain product area, tag some as high priority or review a new agent's work.

In this article, we will outline what's possible with this feature. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Create the ticket field you want to use to tag tickets

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click on "General" 
  • Click "Ticket fields, queues and rules"
  • Click "Ticket Fields
  • Click "Add a new custom field
  • Create your custom field.

Create a custom search for tickets with that field

Okay, you've created the ticket field, you've "tagged" the related tickets. Now, how do you get a list of just those tickets?

1. Start by doing a ticket search (check out this article for all the different ways you can search ). For this example, I used [status:closed "Product Area":"UV Widget"]

This retrieves any closed tickets tagged with the ticket field [Product Area:UV Widget.]

2. Click on the gear icon by the search bar and choose "Save search as..." and choose a name. For this example, I chose the original and insightful name—"Widget".

3. Your search is now saved, and you can easily access those tickets with a simple click.

Each saved search is unique to you as an admin. Other admins can set up their own searches but they are not shared between admins. 

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