Set up the Contact Form and Instant Answers Widget

This walks through how to set up the contact widget with instant answers. The contact widget allows customers to create tickets which you can respond to from the admin console or from a ticket notification email. 
"Contact" is one mode of the UserVoice widget; check out this link for details about using the various modes separately. 

Set up the Widget

In the contact widget, a user types their message, and clicks "Next." The user will then see a list of "Instant Answers," which are articles that match the message they entered.

They can click to view the articles. If the user views an article and doesn't submit a ticket, it's considered an Instant Answer. But they do have the option to skip the articles and send their message anyway.

To set up the widget Click the icon in the bottom left corner

Then click "Widgets".You'll see your basic widget settings.

1. Customize your widget design

Starting Experience: This is set to the contact form by default. You can also change it to NPS (to learn more about the NPS widget, check out this link).

Trigger Position: Set where you want the widget icon (trigger that opens the widget) located on the page. You have four options—bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left.

Accent and Trigger Colors: This lets you set the color of the trigger and accents. You can use the color options we have listed or any valid CSS color value.

2. Copy the widget embed code

Copy the code in Step 2...

...and add it to your website. For more details on how to add the widget code to your site, check out this link.

Widget Options

Turn off NPS

By default, Satisfaction is included as part of the widget code, but you can turn it off. Simply add satisfaction_enabled: 'false' to the widget code.

Screenshots and Attachments

When a user writes up their message, if they click the attachment icon, they will have two choices. They can attach a file, or take a screenshot of the page. A couple of things to keep in mind with this feature...
  • Attachments can be up to 50MB, and this feature can't be disabled.
  • The screenshot tool renders the page's markup and generates a screenshot. Flash, images, SVG charts/images, and videos won't show in the screenshot. It supports IE10+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
  • You can disable screenshots with screenshot_enabled: false.

Common Questions:

  • Can I limit the Instant Answers feature to only show specific articles? No, it will pull from all published articles on your Knowledge Base. There is not a way to limit it by topic.
  • Can I turn off the Instant Answers feature? No, not at this time. If you would like to see us add this feature, support this idea

Advanced widget implementation

Use your own contact form to create tickets in UserVoice

Maybe you have your own contact form, and you want it to create tickets in UserVoice. You can do this with our API. This walks through how to set this up.

Please note: Using our API is a self-service feature. We are not able to troubleshoot code implementations. You can find our developer resources here.

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