Using multiple widgets on the same page

You can have more than one widget on a page, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when setting this up.

You can only use the default trigger once on a page

If you have two widgets on a page, only one can be opened with the default trigger icon. The other needs to be opened from a custom link/trigger you set up.

This is also true if you're using the UserVoice and Classic Widget on the same page. One of them must use a custom link/trigger to open.

Learn how to set up a custom trigger for the widget.

You only need the full widget code once on the page

If you're using the UserVoice widget multiple times on a page, you only need the main code once.

Simply add the custom trigger element to open the other widget (you can even specify what part of the widget that trigger is supposed to open).

As a best practice, we recommend having only up three widgets on a page. 

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