NPS Report

The NPS widget asks users a simple question, "How likely would you be to recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague?"

And the user gives a rating beteween 0-10.
  • Users who give a rating between 1-6, are Detractors
  • Users who give 7 or 8 as a rating are Passives
  • Users who give 9 or 10 as a rating are Promoters
Need to learn how to set up the NPS widget? Check out this article[The NPS widget may not be available on your current plan. If you don’t see this option, contact to learn how to upgrade.]

To access the report click the Analytics icon on the left -> Click "NPS"

Step #1: Set your Date Range

The NPS Report will default to showing you the NPS for the last 30 days. However, you can see your NPS for a single day or for the last year. Click the date filter to change the time frame.

Step #2: Evaluate your Overall Metrics

The Net Promoter Score is the percentage of Promoters minus the percentage of Detractors. So 44% Promotors - 26% Detractors = 18. It counts all ratings giving during the time period you set for the report. (One exception is if a user gives multiple ratings within the time period, only their latest rating will be used to calculate your overall NPS.)
  • Ratings: Is the number of ratings received during the time period of the report
  • Messages: is the number of messages users submitted with their ratings. Users are prompted to tell you more about why they gave a rating.

Step #3: Making Sense of the Data

For each rating you receive, you will be able to see the following:
  • User's Email address and Username (if they have one in UserVoice)
  • The date the rating was received
  • The rating they gave
  • Delta: The difference between the user's last rating and their current one
  • User  and Account Details:  Traits you passed us with our .identify feature (learn more here). This includes User Type, MRR, Plan level etc...

Step #4: Filter your Data to Refine Results

As you use our NPS Widget, you sometimes need to dig into the data, so you can find out where to focus your time and energy.

Filter by...
  • Days of Activity: Users active 1-3 days, 4-10 days or 10+ days out of the last 30 days.
  • New vs. Existing users: A new user is a user with a created_at date within the last 30 days.
  • User Type
  • Paid Vs. Free Accounts
  • Plan
[Note: To be able to segment ratings by new vs. existing users, type, paid vs. free or plan level, you will need to pass us these traits with our .identify feature. Learn more here.]

Other Options

You can also view ratings from just detractors, passives or promoters. You can even opt to see only ratings that include a message. 

Step #5: Export your Data for Further Review

Need to do a deeper dive on the metrics? Click the "Export" button in the top right corner. The export will include the user's email, rating, message (if they gave one), delta, and the User and Account details you passed. 

Common Questions

Q:  do I follow up on NPS ratings?
A: We recommending exporting your report, and following up through your chosen email client or tool directly with users. The export will include all the user information and any details they gave on their rating.

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